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At Dunn we believe all of our students and staff members are a part of a team that supports a positive and successful community.  As a school community, we support our students in developing academic and social emotional skills. We are committed to partnering with our parents & families to best support our students through engagement activities that acknowledge the current needs of the community. Through positive school experiences, our Dunnies are acknowledged for their continuous growth. We lean into a restorative approach with an understanding of Trauma Informed Practices. Simply put, we work with our students and families for the best outcomes for our school community.

               Principal    Karilyn D. Mouzon [email protected]

 Vice Principal  Bahiyaa Jones [email protected]

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Is your child absent from school today?

Please call the attendance hotline to report your child absent at 609-656-4700 extension 4709. Leave a message for the H.O.P.E team


H.O.P.E Team

Healthy Outcomes through Positive Experiences

Climate and Culture Leader Jay Kieran [email protected]

 HIB Specialist Pat Sharkey [email protected]

SBYS - Mental Health Chelsea Nichols [email protected]

Social Emotional Leader - Davon Rodgers [email protected]

Substance Abuse Counselors - Carla Thomas [email protected] Walter Kelly [email protected]

7th Grade Guidance Counselor - Crystal Smith [email protected]

8th Grade Guidance Counselor - Lauren Morin [email protected]

Safety Resource Officer- Alfonso Harrell- [email protected]

Parent Liaison - Bernice Mitchell [email protected]

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